What Clients Say

"Working with Michele is like having someone look under the protective shell that I
have built and pullout the "stuff" I would never be brave enough to try.  It's inside me
but without her brutally honest, insightful, dedicated and fearless guidance it would
stay safely inside.  

Simply, as a coach Michele is a priceless resource.  She puts you firmly on track. "

KimCommercial, Television and Film Actress

"You showed me to look further into myself, to see my weak points and to address
them.  I was able to look at the desire of wanting to start my own home base
business and address the feelings I have about it.  The benefit I received from your
coaching in this area, reflects  on me looking at all the great opportunities and
possibilities ...

... coaching was not only uplifting and helpful, but I recommend any one to reach out
to you that's struggling with getting the right job or needing assistance in finding
direction in life.

Karen 46 – Entrepreneur

I was ready to apply to graduate school, but needed some help figuring out how to
present solid applications and a strong candidacy.  Enter Coach Michele – who was
able to help me put together a thorough project plan  … and in a very short time-
frame.  Even more challenging was the fact that I am a notorious procrastinator. But
with the right balance of patience, persistence, careful planning and follow-up,
Michele steered us so that we arrived at a project plan that was acceptable to me.

After two months of weekly phone conferences, task lists and a face-to-face
meeting, I submitted a set of applications that was solid, compelling, and most
importantly, gratifying – something I was proud to put my name on.

Sheri 30 – Consultant
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What Clients Say
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