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Tele-Classes are learning opportunities that take place via telephone bridge EST.   

TBA                How to Write a Personal Mission Statement
TBA                Ladies, Network to Achieve Your Dreams
TBA                Be SMART and Succeed (Create Action Plans for Success)
TBA                 Achieve 10 Goals in 90 Days

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Seminars and Workshops take place in person.  They are designed to jump start life, career or professional development.  Current Offering:

Jump-Start to A New You              Creating Successful Life Change after 35
Mentoring for Coaches                                         TBA   (Tele-Seminar)
Workshop                                         (Takes Place over 12 sessions)

Tele-Seminars take place over 4 sessions via Telephone bridge, unless noted.  It is a
great way to get the life, career and professional development need. Current Offerings:

My Dream - My Business               A Workshop for the Female Entrepreneur.
I Love My Job, But...       

Jump-Start to A New You               Creating Successful Life Change after 35

All Tele-Classes and Seminars can given as On Site Brown Bags and Seminars for Organizations.  Please
contact me for more information.
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