Corporate Coaching and Consulting
Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching is one to one coaching for the establish professional to
enhance and develop your leadership and communication skills while also
boosting your organizational performance and development.  Services include:

  • Two, Three or four, 30 or 45 minute coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited Coach on Call via phone and email as needed.

contact me to schedule your complimentary phone session.  

Team Coaching
Is dedicated to the organizational leadership team, and focuses on communicating
the mission, vision, and initiatives, effectively in your company.  Team Coaching is
customized to fit clients needs:  Services can include:

  • One to One Coaching for Team Members
  • Group Coaching on Client Selected Topics
  • Follow-up sessions with team individuals via phone

contact me for more information for a Proposal.

Workshops and Seminars
Are offered teams and departments to increase productivity while continuing to
motivate your staff:  Some topics include but are not limited to:

  • What's My Role
  • Team Diversity
  • SMART Goals to Success
  • Jump-Start for Leadership
  • Mentor the Win - Win
  • Build Your Brand Through Networking
  • Personal Mission Statements the Road map to Success

contact me for more information.
Executive Coaching
Team Coaching
Seminars and Workshops
Corporate Coaching and Consulting
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