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I was reading a blog today about the “The Laws of Attraction and a Clean, Clutter Free Home” by Lisa Q.  It stated “… ones home is also responsible for manifesting one’s dreams.”  But I want to take it a step further, your mind can make your goals happen or stop them like a brick wall, too. 

Most coaching takes place over the phone. I seldom know the clutter my clients have in their homes or offices; but, I do hear the clutter in their minds.  Since most of my clients are women the minds are littered with broken relationships, empty arms longing for infants and the career of a lifetime lost because of a lack of confidence.
Is the clutter a symptom of physical clutter or is it vice versa?  It’s not clear.  But, what is clear is that clutter, must be eliminated, to make space for the positive energy needed to achieve the dreams you long for. 

Don’t let old baggage hold you back; i.e., the memories that the clutter and build a physical obstacle from your dreams so it near impossible to realizing them.  Throw it out, the clutter, not just symbolically; but, physically.  Clean out that inbox, donate or sell clothes in your closet that you never wear or accept that the man you’ve been dating for 5 years doesn’t want to get married and make room for your dreams. 


Single? Baby? Relationship? Choice.

Are you single?  Looking for a relationship?  Hoping to finally have a baby?  You have a choice. 

This is an issue many single women have wrestled with for years.  However, it becomes more pressing as many move into their mid thirties.  But, why are they wrestling?  You do have a choice. 

Ask yourself, do I really want to have a child?  That is the first question I ask women to answer.  It’s O.K. if you don’t want to be a parent.  But, if you do; ask yourself these questions.

1.       Why are you waiting? 

2.       Is it because your partner is not ready?

3.       Are you still looking for a partner, to parent with? 

4.       Are you ready to become a parent; 
           (but, don’t know where to start?)

5.       Are your finances unstable? 

6.       Are you overcommitted already and can’t find time for a child? 

7.       Are you afraid going at it alone? 

8.       Are you afraid that your lifestyle may change? 

9.       Are you confused at the choices to have to become a parent?

10.     Do you feel you have time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to get more information.  Why?  Because fertility peaks at 27; however, declines more severely after 40.  Yes, technology has made it easier to have a baby; but, find out where you are reproductively.  You can do this by asking your doctor for a blood test. 

As a coach, many of my clients have on their top 10 goals; get married have a baby as goals.  These are great.  Still, many are not educated to their timeline, when it comes to the latter, their fertility.  That is the reason this is a blog.  We all have choices.   As women, we must research and get information on this goal, as we would when trying to achieve any goal?  Why?  So we can have realistic expectations about our choices and the consequences are the ones that we can live with.

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