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I met a young man, who I felt was a farmer, who harvested success, yesterday in New York City on the Upper Eastside.  Why was that important, because, he was an entrepreneur growing winner who achieve.  He is a mentor and runs a program for young people that had a lot of constraints; but, he found a way to mentor young people in spite of the obstacles.  His friends stand in line to help him. Why because he is a problem solver, mentor and a superstar and he doesn’t let obstacle keep him from being a success. 

Why do I write about this?  Many of us can learn from this young person.  Obstacles are created in your head.  Yes, he is young and he can fail and he has a huge future ahead of him; but, he doesn’t dwell on what he can’t do, he only focuses on what he can.  Because of this obstacles disappear and doors fly open.  

The lesson I’d like my clients to learn is the next time you focus on what’s going wrong, ask yourself what:

  • You want to do?
  • Is working?
  • You can do?
  • You need to do?

I’m not saying don’t focus on any problems; but, remember the Serenity prayer 


GOD, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Living ONE DAY AT A TIME; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it.

Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;

That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.

By Reinhold Neibuhr

This prayer will remind you to embrace the things that you can change, not to focus on the things you can’t alter, at least not right now and focus on the positive. You will be happier; less stressed and have more success in the end


Be Present and Stop Projecting the Future

Too many times, I have clients who are afraid of owning their lives and dreams.  This is because they project the outcome of attempting a goal in every aspect of their lives.  Why? They go back to the past and know the outcome of the situation. But, is this true?  Are they learning from the past or are they using it as and obstacle to keep from experiencing, growing and moving forward.  When I see this happening, I suggest “Being Present.”  Many times I get a, “What???”  I’m not saying it isn’t hard; but, being present can create so much more positive energy.

Consider these 4 things on, “Being Present.”  It could help you move forward.

  1. Stop projecting.  It only holds you back and keeps you from moving forward.  If you don’t try something, what happens?  Nothing!!!  An example, being negative may be factual; but, is it constructive? Can you change it?  If you say negatives you will attract the negative and if you aren’t present experiencing your life, you create a truth without the action taking place and the fiction you are thinking becomes fact. 
  2. Listen, participating in a conversation is not always about talking it can be about paying attention, too.  The appropriate response or reaction can be everything.
  3. Try.  Look for a new job.  Go out on a date.  Try a new hobby, etc. Sometimes it’s not even about taking the risk; it’s about just doing one thing to move in the direction of accomplishing what you want.
  4. Be open.  The unexpected may happen.  It could change your perspective on something or someone. 

If you don’t do this yet, don’t worry.  Just be present now, acknowledge what you do and how you want to change and move forward.  What happened?  Did you change?  Your Energy?  Etc.

Check out theses great tips and thoughts on “Being Present:”

I often have clients who feel they are very positive about themselves, their goals, and dreams. But in our initial conversation I often here them saying 5 or 6 negative things about themselves and why they are pursuing their goals. After I hear this, I often bring it to their attention and say, this must stop immediately, because, their words are powerful.

A person’s own words can create the biggest obstacle to achieving their dreams. That’s why the next thing I do; when I hear this is ask the women, have they ever read “The Secret.” Often, just the mention of the book, stops them in there tracks. Normally the conversation changes and start discussing to “The Law of Attraction.”

Most of the women say, I’m not like this all of the time; but, I wanted to give you a clear picture of what’s going on. So I suggest an exercise to see how much negativity a women may have to help them experience the baggage it creates. Try it, you might be surprised. It could be your own negativity and that’s holding you back. Here it is:

  1. Get a jar with a lid, small piggy bank the kid that you may get free from your bank, etc and put it on your desk or in a work area. Please not it’s important that this is portable.
  2. Go to your back or supermarket and get 2 rolls of quarters.
  3. Now place the bank or vessel in a place you can’t miss it during your day.
  4. When and if you have a negative thought or say something negative about yourself put 4 quarters in the bank. (If you can’t carry the bank with you, carry a tally sheet and put the quarters in the bank at night.) Do this exercise for 3 days. If you run out of quarters the first day don’t worry, it happens often. But, think about how long it took you to use $20 worth of quarters.Now put the bank in your bag or backpack and walk around with it for a day. What are your observations? Is it bulky? Is it hard to camouflage in your bag, or backpack? If it is, do people ask you, why are your carrying the quarters? What’s your answer? Finally, and most important, is it heavy?

Now that you’ve finished the first part of the exercise, go to a bank and cash in our quarters. Take the money and donate it, get your nails done, or go to the movies. It doesn’t matter what you do with it as long as it makes you feel good getting rid of it.

How does it feel turning that negative energy into something positive? If you try this exercise I would love to hear your discoveries.  

Do this exercise for 3 days. If you run out of quarters the first day don’t worry, it happens often. But, think about how long it took you to use $20 worth of quarters. How does it feel turning that negative energy into something positive? If you try this exercise I would love to hear your discoveries.