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Set Your Secrets Free – Acknowledge Them

Secrets can be dreams, vices, issues or challenges you feel may create judgment from others if you expose them.  However, the judgment normally is internal.  Secrets can create baggage, personal roadblocks and obstacles that keep you from realizing your potential and dreams.  

That’s why when I discovered this great blog today, I wanted to share it.  It’s called PostSecret and it might help you find a great way to use an artist date or release negativity you have for others or self.  PostSecret, is a wonderful blog that lets you post secrets anonymously.  This allows you to at least tell someone your secret no matter how personal or hidden it is.  You can do it creatively through art or words.   Journals also do this; but, sometimes it’s more freeing to tell others.
There are a couple of other sites on the web that also have this component:

Confession Heals
Secret Chest

But, the biggest thing to remember if you can’t tell anyone your secret, a friend, therapist, coach, mentor, pastor, rabbi, priest, etc., these are places to put your secret out there, so you can forgive, heal and/or move forward.  Why is it important?  Baggage, creates stress, affects your self esteem, and keeps you from reaching your goals.   


Listen to Your Cheerleader Voice

When was the last time you listened to your inner voice?  On that occasion, was it telling you to not do something or putting you down?  Have you noticed when you listen to that voice, your self esteem takes a hit, have regrets, and may even feel depressed?  That voice can be a saboteur.  Well, that’s not the voice I’m talking about. 

I’m taking about the cheerleader voice.  The one that reminds you of your dreams, supports you and tells you that you are a winner.  But for many that voice is the quietest and hardest voice to listen too.  I call that voice, your inner cheerleader voice. The reason, that voice can be drowned out by all of the negative thoughts you have.  But, if you stop and focus on that voice that’s cheering you on, and not the neigh Sayers you can do anything.  So how do you start listening to this voice? 

Stop >  Focus > Trust Yourself > Persevere or as Nike says, “Just Do it!”

Dating Yourself –That means doing one thing selfishly that’s important to you, a manicure, a trip to the museum or an adventure.  (This is call taking care of you; also known as the artist date.)

Even if you fail you will have no regrets, because you tried.  Listen you your Cheerleader voice, it will be worth it.

As a coach most of my day is spent, helping individuals get out of their comfort zone, so they can achieve the goals, success and life they desire. Often I find, the barriers are not created by finances, education, opportunity, etc. but the person. So, how do we stop this behavior? Easy!!!

  1. Acknowledge the goal you want to achieve. Many times, women want someone to tell them what their goal is or what they should do and are often frustrated when they aren’t fulfilled. The best person to tell you what you want to d, is you!!!
  2. Now tell someone or write in your journal, your goal. It keeps you accountable.
  3. Decide that is OK to fail, as long as you try.
  4. Don’t make up a story about what will happen, be present, and develop a strategy to accomplish your dream.
  5. Try!!! You have to try, to fail or succeed.

Remember the journey can be as great as achieving your goal, regardless of the result.

Email me, , your stories of your journeys and successes.

As a life coach, I hear my clients say, they want a new career, relationship, or life change; but, they are not sure what really want, or how to get it.  If this is you, you’re not alone.  But, you do know what you really want? Your challenges? And how to realize you dreams?  Yes, a coach can help you; but journaling is a great tool to get you started.    Why?  Just putting something on the page makes it a reality, releases stress and increases focus?  The reason, when we acknowledge by journaling, what’s important to us or how we feel about something, we give our thoughts, desires, frustrations and ideas, a voice, along with a place to reside.  

How do you start Journaling?

  • Get a journal or notebook that works for you and your lifestyle.  It can be digital or paper (Remember a computer journals can crash, so always try to save it to a jump or flash drive.)
  • Set aside a time in the morning or evening to reflect on your day, dreams and thoughts
  • Find a place to write. 
  • Write

Remember your journal is for you.  It can contain a to-do list, your life strategies, drawings, or discuss your dreams and frustrations. But remember the benefits are huge. Some examples of the pluses of journaling are:

  • Decreases stress
  • Increases focus
  • Develops creativity
  • Allow for reflection
  • Expands your inner voice
  • Helps you set clearer goals.

Yes, a coach can help you gain focus and clarify your goals; but, journaling will make this process much easier, too.  With all of these benefits, why are you not journaling? 

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