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Get Unstuck; Take a Risk and Move Forward

Have you reached out, connected or reconnected?  If not, don’t make excuses, take a risk and just it do. 

Many women get caught up in why they can’t do something and want to explain it.  Women do this, not for validation by only others; but for self justification, too.  Do you ever do this?  Well, if you do, consider after self acknowledgement, doing something about it.  What does this mean?  Get unstuck, take action, and move forward.  So you didn’t send out Christmas or Holiday greetings.  Send out New Year’s greetings, via snail mail, email or just pick up the phone and call someone you want to connect or reconnect with.  Why?  You might get a surprise.  Make a new friend or renew an old relationship.  Get a supporter or an ally.  It will be worth it.


Happy Holidays!!!


Do You Have a Goal Like “Dreamgirls?”

Did you know screenwriter’s Bill Condon’s fantasy goal was to write the script for the “Dreamgirls” movie?  However, it was a film that no one was really allowed to write or get off the ground because the producer of the Broadway show, David Geffen,  retained the film rights and didn’t feel anyone could do justice to the film version.  Also he was concerned the Broadway version’s of “Dreamgirls reputation and his friend’s Michael Bennet the choreographer’s memory could be damaged? 

Wait, isn’t “Dreamgirls” the film that’s opening to all of the Oscar Buzz?  Yes!!!

Why am I writing about the movie “Dreamgirls” in today’s Blog? Well when I was reading the December 4, issue, of my New York Observer; I read the article “Dreamgirls Wakes Up.”  It stated the facts that  I mentioned in the first paragraph.  But, the most important fact, was Bill Condon, told his dream goal to a friend, Laurence Mark.  Condon was very specific about his dream and his friend Mark, a producer, was also a friend of David Geffen.  Mark, realized his friend, Condon, really wanted to do this film and Mark arranged a lunch with David Geffen.  Condon gave a 6 minute pitch, about a film, people have been trying to make for 25 years; but unable to and won Geffen over.  Condon will probably win himself an Oscar for it.  Have you heard this before?

Dream Goal -> Pitch -> Support Network -> Connection with a Decision Maker -> Realization of your Dream

What’s your Dream?  Make it happen.  Write your pitch and reconnect; it’s as simple as that.