Friendships between women are important for mental and physical health.  So why is it when I speak to many women, in their thirties and forties, they often say, “They don’t have any friends or at least close friends” … or “they have very few friends?”  Or sometimes they even say, “They don’t have time for friends anymore.”  When I hear this, I tell women how important it is to have and nurture their relationships with women.  In some ways, friendships are more important than being in a relationship with a partner.  Why? 

Friendships with women improve your health, literally.  What does companionship with women do for us?  It reduces stress, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, increases longevity, and even decreases your risk of getting Alzheimer’s.  So, if the benefits of having friends are so great, why is it so hard to, to have and maintain them, as we get older?  How can we make our friendships a priority, as we would a job or a relationship with a partner?  Why are we so busy? 

Some things are out of your hands.  You may have to travel for work, take care of children or just can’t find the time in your schedule for them.  Also, life changes like marriage, relocation, having children, death, illness or divorce could also have affected your relationships.  Sometimes we pull back when we’re busy or going through a life change.  We don’t communicate with our friends how important they are to us, how much we need them or sometimes we just don’t bother them and we lose touch.  But, instead of pulling back, it’s very important to make and maintain your relationships.  It’s not easy; but, it’s worth it, especially for women.  So pick up the phone and make a date with an old or new friend. What do you have to loose?  What will you gain?

Links on the Benefits of Friendship for Women

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