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A functional resume, is a great tool for the midlife woman, who is looking for a resource, to help her with a career transition and build a bridge to the opportunity she desires.  Why?  Well, this type of resume is a wonderful way to access your skills and really look at the transferable expertise you have.  This is because you can highlight, group and summarize your abilities and accomplishments, in a way you can’t in a chronological resume.  You will also be able to include talents, you have developed; but, were not paid for.  This will include; but, is not limited too:  volunteer work, hobbies, internships, and projects done on the job, that are not a part of your role. 

You still don’t see the benefits of writing a functional resume? Then, think about this.  A functional resume will give your work experience a cohesive voice that will also benefit you, when you start writing your mission statement, business plan or interviewing for your new opportunity. This resume will allow you to quantify, categorize, and validate your skills and knowledge not only to others; but, for yourself, too.  Finally, this resume will allow you to see where you may have skill gaps that you need to develop.  So after all is said, the functional resume is not just a tool to assist you in finding your next opportunity; but, a resource that makes you, much more effective in your quest for a career change.

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As a life coach, I hear my clients say, they want a new career, relationship, or life change; but, they are not sure what really want, or how to get it.  If this is you, you’re not alone.  But, you do know what you really want? Your challenges? And how to realize you dreams?  Yes, a coach can help you; but journaling is a great tool to get you started.    Why?  Just putting something on the page makes it a reality, releases stress and increases focus?  The reason, when we acknowledge by journaling, what’s important to us or how we feel about something, we give our thoughts, desires, frustrations and ideas, a voice, along with a place to reside.  

How do you start Journaling?

  • Get a journal or notebook that works for you and your lifestyle.  It can be digital or paper (Remember a computer journals can crash, so always try to save it to a jump or flash drive.)
  • Set aside a time in the morning or evening to reflect on your day, dreams and thoughts
  • Find a place to write. 
  • Write

Remember your journal is for you.  It can contain a to-do list, your life strategies, drawings, or discuss your dreams and frustrations. But remember the benefits are huge. Some examples of the pluses of journaling are:

  • Decreases stress
  • Increases focus
  • Develops creativity
  • Allow for reflection
  • Expands your inner voice
  • Helps you set clearer goals.

Yes, a coach can help you gain focus and clarify your goals; but, journaling will make this process much easier, too.  With all of these benefits, why are you not journaling? 

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Hi All!!!

Welcome to 4 The Perfect Fit’s new blog, Metamorphosis.  Why did I call it that?  Well, many women don’t become their own person until they are in their late thirties and forties and that transformation is beautiful.  But, occasionally the change within us is not easy; because, often we are revolting against our rebirth.  Why? Sometimes we don’t value ourselves and our dreams until a crisis or milestones occur.  Then we discover who we are and what we want from our lives, careers, friends, boyfriends, families, etc.  However, most of us have been focusing on everyone’s agenda; but, our own.  Because of this, many women no longer know what their individual goals are, and how to accomplish them.  Metamorphosis will discuss topics that will allow us to not only grow; but, realize how to live the life we’ve always wanted.